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In 2 hours, twenty Data & Analytics managers identified timeless needs and reversed assumptions to create future visions. They presented different use cases that the various stakeholders need to account for in the future. 

By the Numbers

  • 05 Themes Identified
  • 72 Use Cases created
  • 05 Future Visions built together
  • 23 Workshop Attendees

Workshop Activities

  • Timeless Needs
  • Assumption Reversal
  • Build Future Visions
  • Focus on Common Themes
  • Readouts & Wrap-ups

Workshop Participants

  • VP Product Management
  • VP Software Engineering
  • Sr Director Product Management
  • Principal Product Manager
  • Sr Director Software Engineering
  • Director Solution Architecture
  • Director Software Engineering
  • Sr Director Software Engineering
  • Director Product Management
  • Sr Manager Product Management
  • Manager Data Science Engineer
  • 2 Directors Product Management
  • Director Sales Engineering
  • Sr Principal Sales Engineer
  • 4 Sr Principal Product Managers
  • Design Strategy Director | IUX
  • Sr Director Segment Strategy| IUX
  • Principal Corporate Strategy | IUX
  • Principal Product Manager

Main Recommendations for Data & Analytics team

  • FOCUS ON NEW PRODUCTS & RAPID EXPERIMENTS : D&A needs to share vision with customers and drive innovation toward new products rather than incremental improvements.
  • BALANCE BETWEEN CONTROL & FREEDOM : D&A needs to optimize the existing org structure to balance the need for control (e.g., consistency, tools) and freedom (e.g., speed, innovation).
  • EMPOWER DECISION MAKERS ON BIG BETS : D&A decision makers need to focus on big bets that are tied to a larger vision. Plus, they can experiment on their hypotheses with real clients.

Common Themes for Use Cases

No use case was fully developed in the workshop because of time constraints. We did achieve an initial alignment with the 72 use cases rolling up into these five themes.


Immediate Next Steps

  • Review Report : Take some time to review this report and reflect on findings.
  • Review the ideas for Future Visions : Spend time reviewing each of the ideas as potential use cases. Socialize with your team to update the business plan.
  • Determine Your Top Use Cases : Identify the top use cases for D&A that you want to explore for 2023. Look for product differentiation rather than quick wins.
  • Schedule Workshops with Design Strategy : Perform Design Strategy workshops customer value propositions, business models, creating hypotheses/experiments, etc.
  • Revisit Steering Committees and Use RAPID : Review the makeup of steering committees for TRIO representation with executive sponsors. Use RAPID to define roles and responsibilities.