Sabre is a leading software and technology company that powers the global travel industry. With decades of revolutionary firsts, our team of experts drive innovation and ingenuity across the travel ecosystem. Sabre partners with airlines, hoteliers, agencies and other travel partners to retail, distribute and fulfill travel.

Myself, our engineering colleague from India, Bharat Kumar and my boss, Brian Sullivan at Sabre’s annual Launch event.


Travel Fraud

Fraud workshopsA homegrown internal product that’s lacking and enterprise plans to add more even more retail within the travel journey; how will we address these challenges?

Problem: Fraud Risks For OTA’s
  • Internal Fraud product is lacking
  • Internal team wants time and money
  • Build, Buy, Partner or Ignore?
Challenge: Which lenses to view fraud thru?
  • Anti-Personas created for Fraudsters
  • Fraudpoints mapped throughout Journey Map
  • Prioritization Grid for solutions & next steps

We worked with Research to explore new ‘Anti-Personas’ or bad actors; our Fraud team validated them. Our workshop examined the fraud across the new travel retail landscape and discovered 25 new fraud points. 21 solutions were created and six recommendations made; from improving existing product to examining fraud process through service blueprint.

Partnership Collaboration

Alignment workshops A longtime partner isn’t happy; can we re-engage them?

Problem: Partnership Alignment with CWT
  • CWT execs have pressures for quick wins
  • Lack of follow-up on previous engagements
  • Feelings of indifference from Sabre
Challenge: A Plan for Commitment
  • Report details entire engagement in detail
  • Concrete steps forward, goals outlined
  • Follow-up with CWT confirmed progress made

Pressure is on our partner for quicks wins, a ‘What’s on your Radar’ exercise allows us to see their roadmap. ‘Touch the Tech’ allows them to see our latest improvements and starts to align our visions. Concrete steps outlined and goals were set. Our report confirms they were heard and next steps were set.

Alignment Workshop

Future Vision workshopThree Data leaders – all under different managers; how to bring them to a single vision?

Problem: Restructuring leads to Lack of Vision
  • Three Leaders – Tech, Product & Sales
  • Execs only view future thru their own products
  • No direction from C-Suite
Challenge: A Balance between Control & Freedom
  • Control (consistency & shared practices) 
  • Freedom (with autonomy, agility & innovation)
  • Legal interferes with innovation as a ‘decider’

Twenty data managers identified ‘timeless needs’ to create future visions, however solutions were along current responsibilities. Driving innovation while having control over all data became a major issue. The goals were moderated between a Center of Excellence and Community of Practice.

Start-up Strategy & Partnership

Start-up/partnership workshops An exciting partnership opportunity; will we work together?

Opportunity : Start-up provides new engagements
  • How would it enhance our current product(s)?
  • Where to Play? How to Win?
  • Is there a challenge with tech integration?
Challenge: Is it a fit with our current hotel product?
  • Top Use Cases brought to Storyboard workshop 
  • Technical Deep Dives scheduled before PoC 
  • Experiments workshop needed for testing

Co-facilitated online Mural brainstorming 40 Use Cases and themes to focus on the top-voted in creation of three high-level business plans. Second workshop was focused on top Use Cases to build three storyboards outlining next steps for PoC. Followed by technical deep dive to understand needs of each company and review by executive team in consideration of Build, Buy, Partner evaluation.

Partnership Alignment

Problem: Current contract doesn’t address all needs
  • Customer self-service is a top focus
  • Lack of expertise 
  • Need consistent process for IROPs (irregular operations)
Challenge: Sabre seen as a vendor rather than partner
  • Three options created as levels of engagement
  • Engagements layered according to pain points
  • Options are designed to create opportunities for upsell