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In this workshop, eight CWT stakeholders discussed, documented and voted on their business priorities, giving us a starting point for future discussions on partnership opportunities with Sabre.

Workshop Participants

  • Chief Experience & Tech Officer
  • SVP CTO Platform
  • Director Solution Architecture
  • Sr. Dir Global Innov & Bus Dev
  • Chief Tech Officer
  • VP Product Mgmt
  • Sr Dir Global Supply Chain
  • CTO Data Analytics
  • SVP Global Agency & Sales
  • SVP Prod Mgmt
  • VP Research Science
  • VP Product Mgmt
  • SVP Global – Agency & Solutions
  • Sr Dir Prod & Tech Sales
  • Sr Dir Sales Strategy LGS
  • Sr Dir Segment Strategy
  • Sr Dir Global Agency Sales
  • MD Global Agency Sales
  • Dir Design Strategy | IUX

Goals and Outcomes

  1. Identify and prioritize areas to explore for future partnership opportunities.
  2. Brainstorm specific partnership opportunities based on initial priorities.
  3. Prioritize the partnership opportunities for deeper exploration.
  4. Create a high-level action plan based on the initial discussions.

By the Numbers

  • 35 Opportunities Created
  • 6 Categories Identified
  • 3 Top Takeaways Prioritized
  • 20 Workshop Attendees

Activities Performed in Workshop

  • What’s on your Radar? : Used to identify the top issues within multiple areas in the near term, mid-term, and long term.
  • Brainstorm Partnership Opportunities : Articulated forces driving their business for the immediate future and share their ideas.
  • Prioritize Partnership Opportunities : CWT was challenged to identify the top areas for focus to create Sabre partnership.

Activity 1: What’s on your Radar?

  • Identified 35 priorities in these four areas in about 30 minutes.
  • 09 priorities were immediate (within 3-6 months)
  • 26 priorities were medium (about 12 months) or long-term (18+ months)

Activity 2: Underlying Themes

Seven new themes emerged with Preference Shopping receiving the most votes. (List not shown)

  • Further define requirements using design thinking with CWT and Sabre.
  • Visualize business requirements with storyboards, UI sketches, prototypes, and PoCs.
  • Validate prototypes (and ideas) with real users through usability testing.
  • Determine and run experiments to refine prototypes and PoCs.

Activity 3: Top Priorities & High-Level Plan

  • Create a PoC plan with commitments from CWT and Sabre for the top priorities.
  • Perform deep dive of technical and business requirements for the PoCs.
  • Use design thinking to visualize requirements with storyboards and prototypes.
  • Validate PoCs with real users, run experiments, and update PoCs. Drive experiments on agent efficiency and adoption based on metrics by CWT

Immediate Next Steps

  1. Review This Report: Take some time to review this report and reflect on findings.
  2. Focus on the Partnership Opportunities: Spend time reviewing the partnership opportunities and how your team might support these efforts.
  3. Socialize with Others for Additional Input : Share this report with key stakeholders to see if other priorities emerge, especially around the PoCs and partnership opportunities.
  4. Create an Action Plan for the PoCs Identified : Many PoCs were uncovered. Schedule a meeting to take a deeper dive and business and technical requirements. Then, develop an Action Plan for the PoCs.
  5. Schedule a Sabre Design Strategy Workshop : The Sabre Design Strategy team can help you to create experiments, visualize ideas with storyboards or UI sketching, and more.