Workshop 1: Current State of Fraud

Goals & Outcomes

  • Determine the top use cases for the AA self-service initiative.
  • Identify key challenges and opportunities with the use cases.
  • Discuss partnership opportunities to accelerate self-service goals.
  • Prioritize the use cases for the partnership proposal.

Workshop Participants

  • Dir Customer Exp – Dig Prod Planning
  • Director of IT
  • Sr Mngr, IT – Dist/NDC/PSS
  • Sr. Mngr, Mobile Prod
  • Sr. Principal App Arch
  • IT Dir of Customer Tech
  • Sr Principal Account Mngr
  • Sr Principal Sales & Acct Mngt
  • Sr Dir Product Owner
  • Prof Services Director 
  • Sr Principal Solution Architect
  • Sr Principal Solution Architect
  • Director Product Management
  • Director Product Management
  • Director Software Eng
  • Dir UX Design Strategy
  • Prin Prog Mngr PSS
  • Sr Principal Solution Architect

Top Challenges for AA Self-Service

  1. INTERNATIONAL POINTS OF SALE Exchanges (TOP PRIORITY) : Expand to other international points of sale and rapidly deploy and scale. 96 points of sell and rolling out to more markets.
  2. SPLIT PNR : Discussed challenges around split PNRs, which includes changing everyone on PNR, no changes, possibly digital, etc.
  3. BLEND TO EXCHANGE : Currently, it is a very siloed implementation. Discussed how to re-purpose voluntary flow for the same-day flight change.
  4. BAGGAGE TRANSFER : Functionality based on current standards to transfer the message will not be available until Q4. 
  5. NAME CHANGE : Discussed challenges around name changes, business rules, MVP, and accelerators.
  6. AWARD RE-SHOP : When re-instating the certificate and claiming it, it’s missing. Loyalty system expects 001 value.

Other Considerations

  • ACCELERATING SABRE DELIVERABLES : American Airlines wanted more insights on our roadmap and how some deliverables might be accelerated to meet their self-service goals before the end of the year. We asked American Airlines for clear prioritization of efforts that require the same resources.
  • UNDERSTANDING KEY METRICS FOR USE CASES : We asked to better understand the key metrics and drivers for the different use cases to better meet the outcomes. We agreed deeper dive sessions were needed with key people.
  • ACCOUNTING FOR OTHER STAKEHOLDERS : We know each use case will have additional internal and external stakeholders with their own unique needs. Future meetings on the primary use cases must account for their needs.
  • EACH USE CASE NEEDS A DEEPER DIVE : Each use case will have different variables, key stakeholders, and success criteria. We agreed to not problem solve rather to do problem identification. Deeper dive sessions are needed.

Partnership Options

  • Option 1: Basic work option with one SME to work on two specific Use Cases
  • Option 2: Custom work option with two SME’s to work on three specific Use Cases
  • Option 3: Premium work option with three SME’s to work and consult on the most difficult Use Cases

Immediate Next Steps

  • Sabre to Perform an Internal Use Case Review : The Sabre team will perform an internal review of the use cases to determine the best partnership approach.
  • Develop a Partnership Proposal for Self-Service : Sabre will develop a partnership proposal for self-service based upon the initial meeting with American Airlines.
  • Present Proposal to American Airlines : The Account Directors will present the partnership proposal and plan to American Airlines leadership to review.
  • Perform Deep Dive Session (for Each Use Case) : For each use case, the key players from AA and Sabre will schedule and perform deep dive sessions to implement solutions for each use case.
  • Track Progress with Self-Service Leadership Team : Review the progress of self-service implementation with the leadership team consisting of AA and Sabre stakeholders.