I’m a Facilitator of Design Experiences with a passion for creating alignment & new opportunities in workshops.

My boss, Brian Sullivan, a colleague and myself at Sabre’s annual Launch event in Dallas, bringing executives from around the world to connect and collaborate.

Hello! I’m an experienced User Researcher and Strategist with a strong focus on championing the voice of the customer while addressing business needs. I excel at leading and synthesizing user research and data, collaborating with client partners, analysts, and designers to create interactive experiences. I’m skilled at synthesizing learnings into executive reports and ensuring the best outcomes for users through constructive criticism. With a knack for stakeholder engagement and a talent for distilling complex information, I can effectively communicate insights that drive impactful decision-making.

I bring a detail-oriented and organized approach to managing multiple projects, aligning user research efforts with business strategies. My passion for collaborative environments and dedication to delivering exceptional experiences make me a valuable asset. I’m eager to contribute my expertise in shaping user experiences that drive business success. Let’s connect and explore how my skills can benefit your organization.

To really understand our users I feel it’s important to understand the pain points of our customers through activities and interviews:

  • User Research
  • Personas
  • Empathy Maps
  • Journey Maps
  • Customer Value Proposition
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Storyboarding
  • Empathy Maps
  • Personas
  • Needs Statements
  • User Stories
  • Usability testing
  • Big Idea Vignettes
  • Prototypes
  • Usability testing
  • Who, What, Wow
  • Service blueprints

My passion is creating alignment between Sabre teams and our customers to create a future vision of partnership and accomplishment.

UX Strategist

As a full-time Strategist with Sabre I used my years of experience in instructional design and art direction to bring our customers and internal stakeholders together. I helped create alignment through the Design Thinking Framework and a variety of workshops such as the Business Model Canvas and the Customer Value Proposition.

See my UX portfolio from Sabre

Design Professor

 As a full-time instructor with the PDA program at UNT-Frisco and the Art Institute of Dallas, I helped students create the tools and artifacts that have helped them communicate their value for over a dozen years. I’ve forged frameworks in teaching with 10,000 hours of mentoring and facilitation of classroom excellence.  My goal was to help students to ‘find their creative voice’ as well as great jobs in their chosen industries.

See my teaching portfolio

Sr Designer / Art Director

I worked for twenty years starting in small design firms, large agencies and in-house to build a portfolio and a range of design experiences to winning local and national awards for my clients and employers.

See my design portfolio